Active Lime

  Other than ordinary lime, active lime bears a series of features, such as high porosity (50%), large surface area(1.6~2m2/g), great degree of activity and low content of sulfur, etc. Active lime is widely used in the production of steel and iron, alumina, magnesium and calcium carbide, paper making as well as desulfurization in power plant, so on and so forth.

  Activity degree of lime is regarded as the reaction ability of molten slag with other materials, usually denoted by reaction velocity of lime and water. Under standard atmosphere, dissolve 50g lime(1-5mm)into water of 40℃ constant temperature, milliliters of HCI (4mol/L) solution consumed within ten minutes are defined to be the activity degree of lime.

  2.Use of active lime

  Used to make steel, increase dephosphorization and desulfurization effect(50-70%),shorten smelting time(1-2min),elevate furnace life, decrease lime consumption(10-30%)and loading consumption (5-8kg/t).

  Used for sinter proportioning, being able to evidently increase the temperature of mixture, enhance the granulation rate of mixture, improve the permeability, reduce fuel consumption. As a result, sintering production heightens 3~5%,consumption of fuel decreases 3~5%,FeO falls 1~2% and consumption of lime lowers 15%.

  Used for producing alumina by means of Bayer Process, thus can obviously enhance the output and quality of alumina.

  Smelting calcium carbide with active lime can shorten smelting time, elevate the quality of calcium carbide, save electric power and all like.

  Used for flue gas desulfurization, lighten absorption of SO2, and lessen desulfurizing output.

  3.Preheater- kiln-cooler process

  Process flow:



  200-1000t/d active lime production line developed and designed by our company adopts “Preheater- kiln-cooler Process”, has better flexibility of raw materials and fuel, with high activity of produced active lime, providing excellent raw materials for steel and alumina industry.


  Simple structure of kiln process, easy operation and great output, extraordinarily suitable for large-medium lime production line.

  High activity degree of lime produced in the process of rotary kiln, namely, 340~380ml in common, even up to 400ml.

  Low rate of the less burned and the over burned in the process of rotary kiln, equal and stable quality of products.

  Rotary kiln process can straightly calcine 10~50mm fine-sized limestone.

  Kiln process has low integrated power consumption and can apply coal powder as fuel.

  4.Major physicochemical indexes of products



  The above condition of raw materials is assumed and designed according to the convention. The physicochemical indexes and technological parameters will be fixed in accordance with experimental report after the confirmation of raw material condition.


  Both of gas fuel and solid fuel can be used for preheater – rotary kiln – cooler process, depending on conditions of local resources. Coal powder, BF gas, natural gas, or heavy oil can be used as roasting fuel.

  6.Scope of engineering

  We are capable of offering a complete set of “ preheater- rotary kiln-cooler” production line from input of raw material to output of finished products, together with engineering design of main and auxiliary facilities, equipment manufacture, civil construction, erection and testing, personal training, and project general contract.

  7.The main equipments include



  Feeding at the end of rotary klin



  Preheater-rotary klin-cooler

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