Sinter (pellet) FGD

  - High reliability, high operating flexibility spray drying absorption technique (SDA)

   SDAReaction Mechanism:SDA Reaction Mechanism

 SDA general use quicklime (CaO) as the absorbent, quick lime slaked lime slurry was formed after digestion (Ca (OH) 2), a rotary atomizer is atomized into the absorbent slurry hundreds of millions of tiny droplets. High-temperature sintering flue gas into the absorber, immediately contact with strongly alkaline absorbent droplet, the flue gas acid components (HCl, HF, SO2, SO3) is absorbed, while the water droplet is evaporated into dry desulfurization products.


  SDAProcess:SDA Process


  SDA Key equipment Key Equipments for SDA


  Professionally designed precisely controlled flue gas distributor smoke distribution, the drying and the reaction conditions to achieve the best state, absorption and drying the same time.

  Rotary Atomizer

  Rotary atomizer SDA process is the core device that absorbent slurry reliable, controllable atomized become hundreds of millions of tiny droplets. 


rotary atomizer main features:

1 High Reliability

2 very wide adjustment range

3 4000 hours of continuous operation maintenance

4 Host life of more than 30 years

5 patented anti-wear design

6 patents feed distribution design

Atomizer wheel and nozzle anti-wear design ensures the device can achieve the most reliable continuous operation with minimal maintenance situation

Niro rotary atomizer nozzles patented atomizer wheel

High reliability Niro rotary atomizer

Sintering flue Features: Characteristics of sinter flue gas:

1, the amount of flue gas, flue gas temperature, SO2 concentration fluctuations

2, a large amount of moisture, the moisture content of up to about 10%

3, contain corrosive gases and heavy metal pollutants in the flue gas containing HCL, SOX ,, NOX ,, HF, Hg, etc.

4, containing dioxin, dioxin emissions from the steel industry at present with the first two in the world, second only to the waste incineration industry

SDA technology advantages: Advantage of SDA process

1, high reliability, generally 97% to 98%

2, operating flexibility, the flexibility to adapt to large-scale fluctuations in load and flue gas flue components

3, SO2 removal rate, generally above 90%, up to 98%

4, 100% removal of SO3, without preservative, no flue gas reheat system

5, no sewage, and you can use low-quality water, such as river water, sea water and other process wastewater

6, can be easily added activated carbon injection device, the effective removal of dioxins, heavy metals and other pollutants

7, it can easily link up with denitrator

SDA process not only results in a power plant flue gas desulfurization prominent in waste incineration flue gas purification industry is also a leader. FGD is characterized by a large amount of smoke, high and stable SO2 concentrations. Rubbish incineration flue gas purification is characterized by a relatively small amount of flue gas, low concentration of SO2 and volatile. The sintering flue gas desulfurization precisely these two characteristics and that smoke large, SO2 concentration is low and volatile. SDA technology in power plant flue gas desulphurization and waste incineration flue gas purification performance of SDA good sintering flue gas desulfurization process in the field of efficient operation of the foundation, the actual operational data also proved this point.


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