Slag powder is an ultrafine powder blast furnace slag obtained after grinding.

  Its chemical composition is mainly SiO2, Al2O3, CaO, MgO, Fe2O3, TiO2, MnO2 and the like; containing more than 95% of vitreous and dicalcium silicate, calcium yellow feldspar, wollastonite and other minerals, and cement composition close.

  Slag powder with ultra-high activity, as cement and concrete admixture of high quality, is a new green building materials.



  Characteristics of slag powder

  GGBS has potential hydration activity. When mixed with cement concrete when, Ca (OH) 2 reactive SiO2, Al2O3 and C3S and C2S hydration of cement produced, is further formed calcium silicate hydrate product, filling the pores in concrete, substantial increase in concrete the density, while lower intensity Ca (OH) 2 crystal is converted to a higher intensity of hydrated calcium silicate gel, significantly improved the range of performance of cement and concrete.

  GGBS has potential hydraulic. Slag containing silicate, calcium aluminate and a large vitreous (such as C2S, CAS2, C2AS, C3A, C2F and CaSO4, etc.), which has an independent hydraulic, under excitation effect of CaO and CaSO4 encountered water can be cured through finely ground, the hardening process is greatly accelerated.

  The use of slag powder

  It was mixed with Portland cement, slag cement production of high performance. Fineness of 400 ~ 450m2 / kg of slag, slag Portland cement can be formulated 425,425R; fineness of 450 ~ 500m2 / kg of ore, may be formulated 525,525R slag Portland cement.

  As a concrete admixture, replace part of the same amount of cement (20% to 70%), the preparation of high strength, durability and high performance concrete.

  Advantages slag powder

  1, can effectively improve the cement concrete resistance to seawater corrosion properties, particularly suitable for anti-sea projects.

  2, can significantly reduce the heat of hydration of cement concrete, suitable for the preparation of large volume concrete.

  3, can effectively inhibit the alkali-aggregate reaction of concrete to improve the durability of concrete.

  4, can significantly reduce the amount of water bleeding cement concrete to improve the workability of drowning concrete.

  5, can greatly improve the strength of cement concrete, easily mixing of very high strength concrete.

  6, can significantly increase the density of concrete and improve the permeability of concrete.

  7 for Portland cement concrete to save cement, reduce concrete costs.


  Vertical grinding process due to its advanced technology, the production of reliable, energy-saving system, widely used at home and abroad.

  The system can use blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, natural gas, water gas, coal and other fuel.

  Slag powder project investment, small footprint, significant benefits, short payback period, consistent with national energy and environmental policies, belonging to the Government to encourage the development projects.



  GGBS system flow chart



  Vertical Mill



  Cars bulk



  Indoor Yard



  Grinding rolls



  In the control room



  The specific surface area test



  metal detector



  High-pressure chamber



  Metal separator




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