I. Introduction


Pulverized coal injection technology engineering company is Jiangsu Huan Group Limited (MTP) belongs to specialize in pulverized coal injection (PCI) engineering design, project contracting and equipment manufacturers of professional engineering company. The company has strong technical strength, but also manufacture PCI system in all of the non-standard equipment and automated control systems. The company has well-known experts in blast furnace coal injection, equipped with a high-quality, professional and strong, young design team. Pulverized coal injection has been made in the field of patents, and in the development of the GB16543-2008 "bituminous coal injection into blast-proof safety regulations."

The company in 2001 was Germany CLAUDIUS PETERS (CP) company EM-type mill production license, and CP companies manufacture EM type mill has low power, low leakage rate, maintenance-free, long life and other characteristics.

German CP PCI is a company engaged in the international engineering, construction and technical engineering company renowned. CP cooperation with MTP, a combination of both culture and technology, making MTP become China pulverized coal injection industry-leading technology suppliers.

Compared with the domestic similar systems milling dusting MTP highest system efficiency, we can achieve the highest quality at low investment, low maintenance and low operating costs. MTP to provide technical support for the entire process of commissioning and operation of pulverized coal injection system for customers escort.

Second, the advantages of pulverized coal injection

Furnace coal injection technology is a new modern high ironmaking process, which that is conducive to coke production, and it helps to improve the blast furnace blast furnace smelting process and promote anterograde, its economic and social benefits significantly.



Coal injection plant schematic 


 Supporting an annual output of 3 million tons of blast furnace PCI system



The benefits of pulverized coal injection

● heat coke instead of carbon provided;

● enriched reducing gas in the furnace to improve the indirect reduction;

● Because of the "cold" of the role of hearth hearth made along the radial direction temperature distribution for blast furnace air temperature provides the conditions for acceptance;

● stable operation, the hearth temperature uniformity, pig iron quality.

Third, advanced and mature milling technology

Using pulverizers short flow milling process. The process is now mainstream design flow, in pulverized coal injection is widely used in the field.

Short flow milling system on different composition of desiccant, also divided into open and closed loop milling system smoke from circulating pulverizing system.

● open loop flue milling system

The use of bituminous coal stove blowing inert gas as a desiccant, while taking advantage of the remaining heat for coal drying. The system not only saves energy, but also protect the safety of bituminous coal pulverizing system.


● closed loop milling system from circulation

Use of flue gas furnace gas as blowing inert desiccant bituminous coal, through multiple cycles, the desiccant oxygen content is reduced to within the allowable range.

Fourth, advanced and mature Injection Technology

Direct Injection Technology

It applies to users centralized distribution of blast

1. string tank injection

2. and cans blowing


Indirect Injection Technology

For users with multiple blast furnaces and far apart.




Fifth, safe and reliable coal injection technology

● Safety bituminous coal injection technology

● use stove exhaust gas as a desiccant technology

● flue system from cycling technology

● Mill technology to automatically adjust the workload

● coal blending technology field

● Mill machine before blending technology

● attempts to prevent the coal storage technology

● baghouse gas distribution technology

● No hole injection tank explosion-proof technology

● Pulverized Coal Flow Technology

● long-distance transport of pulverized coal technology

● boiling mixer technology

● baffle dispenser technology

● PCI automation system control technology

● dense phase conveying technology

● Front automatic qi Technology

● injection pipeline purge technology

● O2 ﹑ CO concentration monitoring technology

● N2 gas security technology



Sixth, advanced electrical automation control

Reliable operation of the high voltage transmission system, advanced, open the computer control system, excellent, smooth interactive interface. Control procedures and processes can be designed according to customer demand picture, using familiar software customers.


Seven, our automation


Stable, advanced and reliable operation of the high and low pressure transmission

● electrical, instrumentation, computer, "Three" unity of control

● Process Parameters rich, various operations and control means complete, real-time dynamic interactive interface

● safe and reliable, testing complete security interlock and alarm system

● interlocking control and machine next to overhaul the combination mode of operation

● clear, comprehensive industrial television surveillance system

● bright, energy saving, safety lighting systems

● safe and reliable lightning protection and grounding

● specification, neat cabling

● safe and effective fire prevention measures


Eight, practical and stable PCI devices



Nine, impressive performance

  Since 2001, we have provided more than eighty sets of pulverized coal injection system in Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Sichuan, Tianjin, Yunnan, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, more than 10 provinces and cities metallurgical enterprises, MTP -CP cooperation manufactured EM-type mill in running day and night, while the number of users is still increasing rapidly.



our service

  ● The company can design pulverized coal injection system for the construction side.

    ● The Company can provide complete sets of PCI-building workshop all mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, automation and production tools.

    ● The Company may be general contractor for the construction of the project side: workshop complete design, civil construction, equipment manufacturing and complete sets of equipment installation to commissioning and trial production linkage escort services (including training for production workers).

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