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The company successfully identified a provincial-level enterprise technical centers

Date:2015-11-18 11:59

The company has long insisted focus on the development of cutting-edge technology metallurgical industry, metallurgical industry around energy saving, emission reduction and restructuring varieties overall objective, bold introduction, absorption, digestion of foreign advanced technology, to choose the field of development of the company and carry out follow-up study, technical reserves work, and consolidate the existing technology and improvement, continuous innovation, take advantage of key technologies and core equipment. The company is a newly identified in 2011, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province in 2014 through the review.

In March, the company declared, Jiangning District Bureau of Industry and Information Commission by letter Nanjing recommended. August, five experts on-site verification of Enterprise Technology Center Provincial Commission by letter of the unified arrangements to create work, the company has been recognized as a provincial enterprise technology center.

Companies should take this as an opportunity, in terms of organization, operation mechanism, funding, personnel cited training, research cooperation, and take more effective measures to strengthen enterprise technology center, and continuously improve the level of R & D and innovation capability of enterprises to continuously improve the enterprises to promote the application of new technologies, new product capabilities, and give full play the role of enterprise technology centers in promoting technical progress for the metallurgical industry to make more contributions to energy conservation.

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