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Staff badminton competition

Date:2015-11-06 12:03

November 3, 2015 - the 5th, Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Provincial State Federation of Trade Unions organized the "2015 provincial badminton tournament subordinate enterprise workers" held in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center. My company to respond positively to the call of the provincial federation of trade unions activities, the spirit of "participation, communication, learning," the purpose, employees actively participate, are encouraged to register by the company deputy party secretary, union president Zhubing An, deputy secretary Wu Min led, Xiao Yuan, NIV, Zhang Yongjie, Chengruo Ming and other four employees participated in the tournament. After three days of intense competition, the company, although I could not get in the race rankings gratifying, but we players active competition, indomitable fighting spirit praise the organizing committee and other fraternal units, and finally I the company won the honor of "sportsmanship Award" honors. The competition, not only improve the quality of our employees own sport, but also inspired the masses of employees involved in such activities, enthusiasm, he is showing us in the game big 峘 man "brave, work hard," the spirit of consistent style.



Great Huan Group employee representatives to participate in "2015 provincial badminton tournament subordinate enterprise workers"



Companies players worked hard



I honor was "Sportsmanship Award" honors




Correspondent: Cheng Ruoming Photo: Li Yuan Zhe

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