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Eleventh collective wedding outreach activities

Date:2015-11-02 12:06

MounTop Group Co., Ltd. Group eleventh collective wedding beautiful and romantic, and this year the wedding of outreach activities are also spectacular, which not only hard-working employees who normally receive the body and mind to relax, but also to new employees and old employees has created a depth exchanges, interactive opportunities, but also to large Huan enhance the cohesion of the family and the collective sense of honor.

For the eleventh year, the company mass wedding, held the first "big Huan Cup" 3 on 3 basketball tournament, and the first session of the "MTP Cup" Poker (whipped egg) game. October 15, two games at the same time start, the staff were eager to participate in hot atmosphere. 8 teams basketball game round robin and knockout after fierce competition, and ultimately civil works team won the final victory. Poker game has also been preliminary and semi-finals of the competition, the final from the mill from the PCI Manufacturing Engineering Department won the final victory.

October 28 afternoon wedding, the staff carried out in Liyang Yanshan Park treasure hunt activities, games start, the staff after another in search of a treasure in the lake lawn and a small bamboo grove, but a treasure hunt for these efforts has always been strict and meticulous Engineers did not difficult, although the prize possession of hidden cleverly in advance, but the ultimate prize will soon be found.

October 29 morning drizzle heaven, but employees are enthusiastic to participate in development activities but did not affected. Everyone in Liyang Pullman hotel's banquet hall, carried out a spectacular expansion of activities. All employees are divided into red, yellow, blue, green four teams to compete, outreach activities this year a total of four mini-games, the first game is "face recognition", taking into account the company nearly two years new employees compare many new employees and old employees mutual understanding is not deep, "Face Recognition" This game these two new employees to go on stage, so that the old name and sorting staff instant memories with a time of less team win. The second game is "acupressure obstacle relay race", each team sent players dribble hand-pong bats relay race on acupressure, foot acupressure on pressure and tennis racket stability control dribble makes the game more difficult by Great, but also makes the process of the game brilliant. The third game is "the groom big war", eight pairs of couples on acupressure by the groom carrying the bride and a relay race, the leadership of various departments also joined the final game, this game will be fun atmosphere pushed to a climax. The fourth game is "one go", each team sent five teams participate in the competition, in which four players will be hula hoop on acupressure, cast table tennis, skipping, mora four projects, as long as there is a project to go wrong, the first 5 players will be punished by a drink Sprite, until four projects are all by far. In the end, led by a chief engineer Huang Gu Jun won the last championship. In the course of the game, the competition is fierce four teams, they sometimes cry loudly, as the game field teammates cheer; sometimes dancing, to match teammate advice; sometimes cheered, celebrating the opponent's mistakes; sometimes hold your breath, for fear of disrupting the game play players, staff and new people in the banquet hall echoed with laughter. Later, the union president Zhubing An, chief engineer Gu Jun, Zhang Ruofei Baosteel Engineering Department Minister, Minister of Comprehensive Management Department, union Vice-President Zeng Wei, vice president of the company for the basketball game, poker game awards and outreach activities and posed for pictures.

Expand the activities of the rally is not only inseparable feelings among employees, but also a full united and move forward power. I believe the big Huan group collective wedding will be better and better, outreach activities will be more abundant, and all the big Huan's life will be more happy!



Group chairman, party secretary and president of the winning team and referee Luxian Zhong posed for pictures



Minister of Comprehensive Management Department, union Vice-President Zeng basketball game kickoff



The first "big Huan Cup" 3 on 3 basketball tournament team photo



The first "big Huan Cup" 3 on 3 basketball tournament team photo



The first session of the "MTP Cup" Poker (whipped egg) game site



The first session of the "MTP Cup" Poker (whipped egg) game site



Outreach activities "treasure hunt" game site



Outreach activities "treasure hunt" game site



New representatives interviewed



"Face Recognition" game site



"Acupressure obstacle relay race" game site



"Groom major combat" game site



Department heads participate in the "bridegroom major combat" game



"Coherent" game site



Outreach activities Award Ceremony



Leadership award winning staff and posed for pictures

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