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Solemn statement

Date:2014-09-03 10:30
   Recently, individual criminals falsely in the name of our company publishing false recruitment information on each job site, a move to the company caused a very bad effect, seriously damaged the company's reputation and image.
   I now make the following solemn declaration:
   1. My company is called "Jiangsu Huan Group Limited", so far never commissioned any job site posted recruitment of construction workers, estimators, administrative commissioner and other work locations such as Nantong, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Suqian and jobs for information to the public has never said job recruitment.
   2. I only official website is: http: //, our jobs are in this official website to publish, or entrust relevant institutions to publish recruitment information through the proper channels, such as in case of recruitment of questions can apply to my company HR consulting.
    3. fraudulent use of the name of my company fraud false employment information released, I will be investigated according to law, and the right to publish my company false employment information for each site reserved legal liability.
In this please the majority of candidates carefully screened, not deceived.


Jiangsu Huan Group Ltd.


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