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Jiangsu MounTop Group Co.,Ltd. (Nanjing, China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation) was established in 1978, is a research engineering, design and development, equipment manufacturing and general contracting in one of the engineering and technology-oriented enterprises, Jiangsu Province, branch president of the metallurgical equipment unit Baosteel equipment and spare parts development center member units.

(A) the recruitment of 2012 undergraduate and graduate students, Qualifications:

1, good conduct, practical and hard-working, no bad record, the Communist Party of priority;

2, academic excellence, English proficiency and preferably six;

3, professional requirements: (1) Mechanical engineering and automation; (2) automation; (3) Structural Engineering (industrial and civil); (4) architecture; (5) energy and power engineering; (6) the built environment and (7) Technology and Instrumentation and Control;; equipment engineering (HVAC) (8) Project Cost Management.

4, good health and the best of men.

(B) the recruitment of 2012 graduates, Qualifications:

1, good conduct, practical and hard-working, no bad record;

2, academic excellence, health, male;

3, professional requirements: (1) Mechatronics; (2) civil engineering

4, Nanjing Vocational College, Nanjing Ji students.

(Iii) to provide candidates with a recent photograph of your resume sent simultaneously to the following two mailboxes. CV Basic information should specify "name, sex, date of birth, nationality, identity card number, students, academic degree, professional, height, valid contact information (phone, email, address)" and so on.

(4) After preliminary examination, we will notify the interview time. By interviewing officer shall provide: school original letters of recommendation, transcripts of the original, the original health certificate, identity card.

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