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Jiangsu MounTop Group Co.,Ltd.Liyang Metallurgical Engineering Ltd. was established in July 4, 2008, it is a Jiangsu MounTop Group Co.,Ltd. (Nanjing, China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation), a wholly owned subsidiary of the registered capital of 40 million yuan. The company is located in the beautiful banks of Lake - Lake Industrial Park, covers an area of ​​60 acres, the company has a stronger design, operation and production technology management team.

H-shaped steel doors have automatic submerged arc welding machine, straight cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machines, on roller Universal Rolling, pressure plate molding machine, airless sprayer, shot blasting machine and all kinds of welding machines, lathes, drilling and other various types of equipment.

Mainly responsible for the proprietary technology and process systems company owned by key processing equipment, manufacturing and assembly and commissioning. The main products are EM type pulverizers, outer vertical mill blast furnace slag, electric furnace and refining equipment, lime roasting with preheaters, coolers and dust, Baosteel's equipment and spare parts, the annual processing capacity of 10,000 tons.

Companies adhere to the fundamental purpose of the metallurgical industry and services, since its inception, has provided more than 20,000 tons of equipment, spare parts and other infrastructure for domestic and foreign metallurgical enterprises, technical innovation, service and localization project.


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