Our vision: a long stick, to create wealth and contribute to culture 

Old insisted: This is a MounTop cause of the pursuit, the ideal target future; MounTop man firm "Huan" concept, assess the situation and to-first, people-oriented, creating MounTop centennial, gives companies an eternal life.
Wealth creation: this is the need of individuals, enterprises and society; MounTop people work hard to stabilize the market, leading technology, advanced services, first-class management, giving business a healthy body.
The contribution of culture: It is the idea of ​​the show, reflect social responsibility, promote entrepreneurial culture; MounTop person cultural heritage (tradition), to show emotion management (spiritual), to create a harmonious unity (inclusive), setting the collective wisdom (team), giving business a noble soul. 

Our mission: people aspire, advanced system, well-paid, secure survival 

People yearn for: the employees enjoy a harmonious unity and caring work environment, enjoy decent upward positive working atmosphere, learning to improve, to play in order to create space for the performance of work, companies continue to create wealth, so that more people aspire to MounTop.

Advanced system: a variety of ways, built of a variety of systems are superior to other types of enterprises and institutions, strictly abide by and implement national policies and regulations, absorbing, and healthy development of enterprises and employees.

Well-paid: in the enterprise, employees can really make all employees equal in dignity personality, generous benefits, more employees have shares in the enterprise, truly reflect the continuation of the family business unrelated.

Survival security: in the enterprise, employees enjoy the responsibilities and interests of the owner, more people are concerned about the development of enterprises, more people to share the success of the enterprise, so that all employees can enjoy a happy old age security.