1978-04-03,the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry "on the establishment of Jiangsu Province metallurgy parts company letter" [(78) No. 704 Metallurgical machine word], Ministry of Metallurgical Industry and Jiangsu Province Revolutionary Committee agreed, in Jiangsu Province Metallurgical Bureau under the Jiangsu Provincial Metallurgical Parts Company (also known as the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Jiangsu parts management office), based in Nanjing, the dual leadership of the Ministry and the provinces, the provincial-based.


  1978-06-27, the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry "on issues related to Jiangsu metallurgy parts management at the notice" [(78) Metallurgical machine Zi No. 1519], the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Jiangsu parts management office was renamed the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Jiangsu Equipment Management Office, Jiangsu Province metallurgy parts company, corresponding to Jiangsu Province metallurgical equipment manufacturing company. Jiangsu equipment manufacturing management office is the agency of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, under the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry leadership.


  1978-10-27, signed an agreement with Nanjing, the Xinhua bookstore, Zhongshan Road No. 56 in jointly built story office building.


  1987-07-16, Jiangsu Establishment Committee [SU series (87) 105] the text, according to the State Council on the rectification of the company notice and provincial spirit of the document, on the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry in 1978 approved the establishment of "Jiangsu Metallurgical equipment manufacturing company "and 93 preparation, through research, to be recognized.


  1990-04-22, the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry "on China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation and China Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Corporation merged into the China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation's notice" [(90) Metallurgical people Zi No. 282], ...... change Jiangsu affiliation metallurgical equipment manufacturing companies, adjusted for the company under the leadership of China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation, while the revocation of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Jiangsu equipment manufacturing management office name.


  1990-05-04, the national leading group company rectification "on the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry-owned companies merge left scheme approved" [clearing collar Shenzi (1990) 030], approved by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry to retain direct management " China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation, "and under the" Jiangsu Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Company (subsidiary) ", the name given by the business sector is responsible for norms in the re-registration.


  1990-08-09, Ministry of Metallurgical Industry Personnel Division "notice on Jiangsu metallurgical equipment manufacturing company affiliation change related issues," [(90) Ye who compiled Zi No. 268], ...... Jiangsu Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Company After the affiliation change, its human, financial, material, production, supply, sales unified management by the China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation. Given the current situation, in order to maintain the continuity of the work, the current metallurgical equipment manufacturing company in Jiangsu related to production, planning, construction, finance, personnel, labor, material supply, product selection, document distribution, etc. still work according to the current channel management, to be the conditions are ripe, a gradual transition to the unified management of the head office.


 1991-05-16, the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry (91) No. 042 Metallurgical letter word people on China Metallurgical Equipment Nanjing company, "three" program approved. After rectification of the National Leading Group company clearing collar Shen Zi (1990) No. 030 approved the text, retain the original Jiangsu metallurgical equipment manufacturing company, has changed its name to China Metallurgical Equipment Nanjing company registration by the State Industrial and Commercial Bureau. ...... Nanjing China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation (Deputy Secretary level) management agency, set up six departments (rooms). Ministries (chamber) or less should no longer Branch (room).


 1991-12-05 February, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government of Jiangsu Province HAN Chunhua comrades awarded title of model worker.


 1997-11-05 February, the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration document, since January 1, 1997, China Metallurgical Equipment Nanjing overall transfer of assets of the company China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation management.


 2000-09-06, following the Nanjing Iron and Steel Company Ruiji pulverized coal injection project, to achieve the full sense of the general contracting project "zero" breakthrough, it is also the company's first PCI turnkey projects. The project was 15 April 2001 with a load operation a success and smooth operation.


 2001-07-10, the Organization Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee agreed to set up Communist China Metallurgical Equipment Companies Commission of Nanjing.


 2001-12-10, and the China Iron and Steel Industry Association jointly held a "National pulverized coal injection technology exchange meeting" in Nanjing.


 2002-01-31, signed an agreement with Shanxi Changzhi steel mills to provide our cooperation with the German company's first CP Taichung speed mill, and a successful conclusion.


 2003-04-21, and Jiangning District Economic Development Corporation signed an agreement to purchase 368 Tianyuan Road, Jiangning District, 35 acres of land use rights, the construction of the company's new office building.


 2003-12-31, the annual 170 million yuan of new contracts, sales income 80 million yuan, when the new contract for the first time exceeded billion.


 2004-04-08, the company leadership and staff the new office building groundbreaking ceremony was held in the Jiangning Science Park.


 2004-05-17, China Metallurgical Equipment Nanjing company's overall restructuring of China Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanjing.


 2004-06-04, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Organization Department of the Party organization that approves name change to: Communist China Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanjing Committee.


 2004-12-31, the annual sales income of 120 million yuan, 210 million yuan of new contracts, when the sales revenue exceeded billion.


 2005-04-29, deputy general manager of Comrade Zhubing An Jiangsu Province won the Labor Medal.


 2005-11-18, with the Anhui University of joint training engineering graduate ceremony.


 2006-04-22, held the first mass wedding in the Lake Hotel, Liyang City, six pairs of couples tie the knot.


 2007-07-19, China Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. changed its name to Jiangsu Nanjing 峘 Group Limited.


 2007-10-17, and the Lake Zone, Liyang City signed a contract to buy 50 acres of land, investment in R & D and manufacturing base.


2007-10-31, by the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management System Audit, so far, the company has achieved ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 --three system certification.


2008-05-04, to celebrate the establishment of Jiangsu 峘 Group Co., the company held medals awarded to employees and enable new badge ceremony.


 2009-02-20, chairman and party secretary, Comrade Luxian Zhong, general manager won the "National Model Worker title of the steel industry."


 2009 -09-06, investment and construction of Liyang Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. held a groundbreaking ceremony in the town of Liyang Tianmu Lake.


 2009-11-28, the China Enterprise Confederation and the grand opening of the Eighth National Enterprise Culture Year in Beijing. The company won the corporate culture of outstanding achievement award; Luxian Zhong, chairman of "learn the essence of traditional culture, to build a unique corporate" family "culture" thesis, dissertation won the National Award for outstanding corporate culture.


 2010-02-04, subordinate enterprises and trade union committee of Jiangsu Province, awarded the company a "model worker" title.


 2011-06-18, Jiangsu Liyang Huan Group Metallurgical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., held a grand opening ceremony.


 2011-06-28, the Corporation and Anhui University held a joint master's degree in engineering at Group headquarters train the ceremony, awarded diplomas to the first batch of 10 students to obtain a degree of job.


 2011-07-17, the company was awarded the "Outstanding Corporate Culture Case Award" in the CEC, "2011 National Corporate Culture Annual Conference".


 2011-12-22, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance, State Administration of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Local Taxation Bureau jointly awarded the "high-tech enterprises."


 2012-08-06, the establishment of Jiangsu Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau Huan group.


 2012-10-20, in Nanjing Tianyun Lake Resort hosted the eighth mass wedding, three pairs of couples married.


 2013-01-31, was awarded the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department of the "top ten innovative grass-roots party building work" award.


 2013-04-12, Jiangsu Province Society for Metals, the company awarded as "Jiangsu metallurgical industry and technological achievements into the base."


 2013-05-07, Comrade Luxian Zhong won the provincial president of Federation of Trade Unions, "the province to support the work of outstanding trade union cadres," the title of Du Gang, vice president of comrades won the "Jiangsu Province Labor Medal."


 2013-06-22, chairman Luxian Zhong won the national outstanding contributions to the building of enterprise culture People Award.


 2013-10-19 ~ 23, held the ninth, "sea and air" collective wedding ceremony, six pairs of newlyweds.


 2013-11-18, won the "2010 ~ 2012 annual Jiangsu Province civilized units" title.


 2014-03-07 March, by the Nanganggufen companies, large 峘 Group and Nanjing Steel Group Jiangsu Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. tripartite joint venture in Nanjing Xin Investment Co., Ltd. was established 峘 ceremony was held in Nanjing, just part-time vice president of Du Xin 峘Deputy General Manager of the company.


 2014-08-01 May, the company won the "National Steel Industry advanced collective", Comrade Zhang won the "national steel industry model worker" title.


 2014-09-23, Group 12 houseless young employees purchased the Nanjing Anju.


 2014-10-28, the company won the "national enterprise culture demonstration base" title, and held the ceremony.


 2014-10-28, the company held "Shanhai linked Lang Syne" The 10th collective wedding ceremony, seven pairs of couples tie the knot.


 2014-11-28, China Steel Industry Association equipment branch inaugural meeting was held in Shijiazhuang City, the company as vice president of the unit, Luxian Zhong, chairman of the vice president.


 2015-04-15, approved by the State Administration for Industry, Trade and Industry Bureau of Jiangsu Province registered, Jiangsu large Huan Huan group changed its name to the group, Jiangsu Group Co., Ltd. changed its name to Great Huan Huan Group Limited.


 2015-04-30, the company held CAST Inauguration first member of the General Assembly, Comrade Zhubing An was elected as the first Chairman of CAST.


 2015-05-01 May, Jiangsu Province Federation of Trade Unions issued to the company "Jiangsu Province Labor Award."


 2015-05-08, to celebrate the company changed its name, the company issued to employees Group silver commemorative coins.